Tuesday 9 October 2012

So much for the test driving on the Jubilee Line, LUL have now announced that driverless trains will not be seen on the Tube until the 2020s which I will admit is later than I was led to believe. The news must come as a great disappointment to all those who voted for Boris in the belief that we’d all get P45s sometime before 2018 and the Tube would become blissfully strike-free.

Another last HAI train and another graffiti attack while doing the mainline shunt move at LES. It would be nice to see this removed from the new timetable due in June and the last HAI run through the Pipe rather than come down from EPP but I guess in order for that to happen you’d need the depot managers to communicate the problem to the Line managers and for them in turn to specify this to those who draw up the timetables and rosters at 55. I won't hold my breath.

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