Tuesday 24 February 2015

As a lifelong West Ham fan I’m saddened but not surprised by the behaviour of some of my fellow supporters with the recent anti-Semitic chanting before the game against Spurs on Sunday.  In the past I’ve heard some disgusting things on the way to matches but it does seem to be a vocal minority that are responsible, every club has them and their numbers seem to be dwindling as time goes by.  Sadly I think it’s unlikely that anyone will be held accountable as the video doesn’t show anyone’s face clearly.

One thing that does annoy me is that this is being widely reported as taking place in Stamford Hill, with its large Jewish community, on London Underground.  First off the Tube doesn’t go to Stamford Hill and secondly it’s clearly not a Tube train, it’s a Greater Anglia 315 out of Liverpool Street on its way to White Hart Lane which does go through Stamford Hill.  Pedantic but it's another example of shoddy journalism.


  1. I'm sure it can all be blamed on the unions somehow...

    1. I can't see any links to what a Union can do.

  2. I am fan of West Ham and I do not understand that kind of behaviour.

  3. Disgusting behaviour plain and simple.

  4. No, ASLEF Shrugged,

    You must accept that a minority of racists makes ALL West Ham supporters racists - after all, this is the logic you apply to Ukip in your letter in the Journal that landed on my doorstep this morning.

    Of our woeful education system necessitating migrant brain power - I'm sorry, but we had record rises in GCSE results under Labour and they promised us that exams weren't being dumbed down. I'm inclined to agree with you that they were.

    By the way. Do you have permission to use my Union's good name for a private blog ? I wouldn't dream of using it as a cover to express personal views.


    Aslef member and representative.

    1. No, I didn’t ask ASLEF if I could use their name but then I didn’t ask the estate of Ayn Rand if I could parody the title of her right wing wankfest novel. Somehow I suspect ASLEF are a lot more comfortable with me using their name than they are with the idea that one of their reps supports a political party that would strip workers of the rights and protections that trade unions have fought long and hard to establish. Anyone who claims to be a trade unionist and votes for UKIP is a self-serving hypocrite, thankfully ASLEF have shown themselves more than willing in the past to expel members who back the scum of the right.

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  6. ASLEF shrugged - Fair point on what ASLEF might think.

    I'm as disillusioned with a Labour party that has millionaire MPs and ex PMs and operates in a nepotistic fashion as bad as any - as well as having members who send their children to private schools.

    Many Labour supporters have switched to Ukip. There is nothing more harmful to the Union movement than then importation of an over-supply of cheap and willing labour - in the same way that Thatcher stock-piled coal to defeat the miners the legacy parties of this day are stock-piling people - the same can be said for train drivers where we see over-recruitment alongside the dimunition of skills and entry requirements with the approval of the trades unions.

    Where will this lead ?

    As though technology weren't enough of a threat already what of the demand/supply ratio on the human side ? How can you hold an effective strike if there is a queue of willing and able people ready to step into your role ?

    Perhaps ASLEF could do with some right wing 'scum' to show them how management are thinking.

    But just because I have a different opinion to you I am not 'scum'. I have always supported the union where the ballot says I should - even where it went against my own belief. A sign of a true democrat.

    Nor am I a racist. Another slur designed to control free thought and free speech.

    I'm sorry if my opener to you was harsh. I wanted you to know how it feels to be labled one of the worst things you can possibly be this day - based on the actions of a stupid minority.

    Regardless of my views or what you think of me. If you were in the shit under the boot of harsh management would I come out in support of you ?

    Of course I would !


  7. Further

    Ukip would be foolish to be anti union as their core support is working class. They are (like me) anti MILITANT unionism and militancy isn't part of the Aslef I've known for nearly thirty years. Certainly not on the main lines.

  8. I have a VERY differen take on this.
    I went to a good Grammar school, 1957-64
    I was very fortunate to be able to escape all "team games" at the end of form III to do exams &, you know LEARN stuff...
    Football, x-country running & all of that, even at this distance in time, gives me the cold all-over shudders.
    I know that there are footie supporters who are not knuclle-dragging fascistic thugs & morons. But that is the safe way to bet.
    Nothing new to see here, folks, just pass along, please.