Monday 9 March 2015

And so the great non-strike of March 2015 passed by without anyone noticing, if there is no further action then many trees will have died in vain.  The only thing of note was the presence of a pair of senior managers at LES who just happened to show up on a Saturday night where all the night duties pick up their trains.  While they tried painfully hard to cultivate an air of nonchalance they bore a striking resemblance to a couple of fathers outside the maternity ward, I was half expecting them to break out the cigars if everyone turned up.

Ironically the D&A testers turned up at LES on Sunday, the first time I can remember them ever doing a check other than M-F 9-5 and perhaps that is why things didn’t go quite as they should.  Apparently one of the TOps selected only took the breath test before someone realised that there was no one available to take their train and they were put back on duty before giving a urine sample.  So while they might have been stoned out of their mind, coked up to the eyeballs or otherwise sorted for Es and Whizz at least they weren’t drunk.  Which is nice…….

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