Friday 17 April 2015

We have engineering works on the Central Line this weekend, track replacement and drainage works at WHC, nothing unusual about that but what has raised eyebrows is that rather than terminating services at MAA on the WB every second or third train will be running through to QUE.  The QUE crossover, to the east of the station going from the WB approach to the EB platform, was out of service for ages and only came back into service a few years ago but it is very rarely used.  In my whole 12 years as a TOp I’ve only ever gone over it once, an event I recorded on this blog back in April 2013.

The general opinion around the mess rooms as to why the QUE crossover is so rarely used is that it can be a little “unreliable”, as its hardly been used I have no idea if this is the case or not  but if it is then sending five or six trains over it every hour seems a little optimistic.  What also seems a little optimistic are the lifts at QUE which also have a reputation for being “temperamental”, one of the two lifts is invariably out of service and should both fail the only way out is by the 109-step spiral staircase. 

Tomorrow could be interesting.......

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  1. Crossover held up well, although it was very crowded at QUE with only one lift in service!