Wednesday 7 November 2012

I think I might be hitting one of my “down” phases, where I simply can’t be arsed to write anything.  Not much happened over the weekend apart from the Blockade, my first trip Monday was to HAI and you can see just how much work went on; new track, new ballast, embankments shored up and widened.  At HAI itself it appears that they’ve raised the track at Plat. 3, before the cab floor at the WB/OR end was a few inches below the platform but it’s now level.  Next time I’m there I’ll check to see if they’ve done the same along the whole of the platform which would be good news for those in wheelchairs and with buggies.

The only other thing of note was on Sunday my first train had PWM faults going EB.  I won’t go into the technicalities, basically what it meant was that in Auto it wasn’t getting above 40kph which isn’t great when line speed in tunnel sections is 65kph and by the time you got to the other end of the Pipe you’d have a long queue of trains stacked up behind.  The TOp I took off had informed Wood Lane but there was no Train Technician available to fix the problem and they’d chosen to keep it in service. The good news was that I could get full speed in Coded so I did two trips “on the handle” from WHC to WOO.  Humans 1 Computers 0.

I did attend my branch meeting yesterday but got confused about the times, turned up late and then had to take a phone call from a distressed friend who’d had a row with her latest love interest.  I still have no idea what’s going on with the detrainments but I did send my ballot paper off earlier.  It appears that there has been some “movement” on the Boxing Day issue, talks were taking place even as our meeting was in progress and hopefully by Monday we should be getting some news either one way or the other.   And just when we thought the Boxing Day strike would become a tradition!

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  1. Don't worry about it Mr Shrugged - do keep it up - your blogs are always interesting, and your political slant on TfL is welcome. Just think that it's that time of the year, Guy Fawkes back in his cupboard, Christmas looming.....