Saturday 6 July 2013

Another break in writing thanks to another spell of ill health, in this instance my knees which have been giving me jip since my 30s or maybe earlier, I wouldn’t have noticed as I was “on one” almost constantly from 1986 until 1992 and did a stupendous amount of dancing during that period.  However I was never that far “off me nut” that I made the hideous mistake of wearing flares (Joe Bloggs being the label of choice) although I did possess an Inspiral Carpets “cool as fuck” t shirt.  Moo!

Apart from that there really hadn’t been much to write about, when the weather is nice I’ve been pootling up and down the open section in Coded with the door open, when it’s rained ATO has stopped halfway into the platform but there have been no interesting incidents while I’ve been around.  I’ve seen a large amount of wildlife, the rabbits up between DEB and THB are thriving, squirrels are everywhere, the occasional fox jogs along the cable runs but the highlights were a Green Woodpecker on the WOO loop and what looked like a heron or a crane flying over WOO junction.

Yesterday a notice appeared on the boards regarding the Boxing Day dispute, it seems that in exchange for agreeing a few changes to the procedures by which staff change depots and lines we’ve got management to agree to a £350 incentive to work December 26th no matter what day it’s on.  They’ve still got to sort out the details but if this deal is done it means there will be no strike this year and my remaining Boxing Days between now and retirement will be spent with cold turkey, pickles and the inevitable disappointment resulting from watching West Ham’s dismal post-Christmas performance.