Tuesday 18 April 2017

Seven years ago today I started blogging so it seems somewhat appropriate that I mark that anniversary by ending it.  I'm all blogged out, I keep thinking I should write something, I start to write a post and then simply can't be bothered to finish it.  It was fun for most of the time but from now on I will stick to posting comments on The Guardian website (mostly on London and transport issues), occasionally on the Evening Standard when I can do so without a feeling of vague disgust, District Dave's London Underground forum and WHU606.

A lot has changed on the Tube with ticket offices closing, station staff undergoing a complete re-organisation and Night Tube but my job is relatively the same as it was in 2010.  They can mess around with station staff, managers (currently undergoing another change with TOSMs and DTSMs being merged back into one grade) and technical staff but they still need one driver per train.  The big change will come with the introduction of driverless trains but even that will only happen if the TOps agree to it as was the case when they converted M1 in Paris.  I might get to enjoy the blissful irony of driving a driverless train but it now looks as if the Bakerloo Line will get the new trains before we do so I'll probably miss out on that experience.

I've got 10 years, 8 months and 20 days until I retire (although I might go a couple of weeks early, have Christmas and New Year 2027 off),  I'm going to dedicate more time to looking after Old Mother shrugged (now 87), looking after myself and getting out in London a bit more.  I've got memberships for both the Tate and the National Portrait galleries but haven't used either in the last six months, I've not been to the theatre in over a year while the last film I watched was "La La Land"!

If you're ever up by the Lea Bridge Road end of Leyton High Road and fancy a drink pop in the William IV, there might be an ex-blogging TOp propping up the bar on his Rest Day.