Tuesday 22 June 2010

Monday went smoothly, no problems but I did hear a bit of news from Saturday. As I was heading EB for the last time I heard Control call a “platforms and hold” for all EB trains EAB and PER through to SHB for a person ill on a train. At the time all I thought was lucky it was behind me and I was going to finish on time.

Before I got off there was another call to inform us that the “PIOT” was ongoing and that they were waiting for an ambulance; pretty serious and not just someone fainting. Yesterday I was told that the situation got so bad that the TOp of a train stuck in the tunnel between WHC and SHB was instructed to walk through the train to the back cab and go back the wrong way to WHC.

As we only have ATP in one direction this means putting the train into Restricted and driving at a maximum of 15kph. You also have to have confirmation that the points E of WHC are set for you and even if you have confirmation from the signaller you still stop and visually check they are in your favour. Hell, it’s your train, your responsibility and you are the one who is going to get their arse kicked if the train ends up on the floor.

The only time I’ve ever been asked to do a wrong direction move was when someone was running round with a knife at BAN and they wanted me to go back to STP. By the time I’d changed ends the incident had been sorted and I had to walk all the way back again, much to the amusement of the punters.

A memo from the London Assembly Conservative Group calling for full automation of the Tube and driverless trains stated “the Victoria and Central lines already use technology which has reduced train drivers to door openers”.

Nice to be appreciated

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