Tuesday 12 October 2010

Last week was thoroughly uninteresting and I started nights Sunday.

When I got to EPP there were two sleepers both of whom resisted waking and so I took them onto LOU. The first case was a homeless bloke with all his worldly possessions in a rucksack and collection of carrier bags. The second was a lad in a suit who was laid out along the seats face down and snoring. When the SS finally woke him he asked where he was but he’d never heard of LOU. I later saw him getting on a bus and could here him asking the driver for the destination. It would seem he had no idea where Walthamstow was either. When I went back to the station to get the first train out in the morning the man with the carrier bags was still waiting outside and he boarded the train as it came back WB from EPP.

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