Monday 20 June 2011

Saturday night got off to a bad start with a train waiting for a driver on Plat 3 at LES, blocking all trains going to HAI and forcing all EPP trains to go through Plat 2. The TOp for the train on Plat 3 eventually turned up on an EPP train, I never got the full story on how they ended up behind their train but the fact that we didn’t have a spare to cover is worrying.

LUL made an offer for working over the Olympics which is less than we would get under our current overtime agreement so it’s been swiftly rejected by ASLEF. Naturally LUL knew it would never be accepted, this is just their style of negotiation, start with the ridiculous and work towards the reasonable. Not that LUL are alone in this behaviour, I can remember RMT asking for a 12% pay rise a few years ago and the papers announcing that is was disgraceful.

After what seems like a very long four months I am off for the next two weeks, hopefully I will return refreshed and full of energy. Happy travelling Tube people!

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  1. Does this mean that the train travelled from Leyton to Leytonstone without a driver on the front?