Friday 25 November 2011

We are getting very short of TOps. Yesterday I was spare but as soon as I’d walked in the DTSM was calling my name over the PA. Not only was I covering an unfilled duty but someone was running late with a flat tire and there were no other spares available. I ended up handing over one train on the WB while my next train was coming in on the EB.

I have a new leader, Mick Whelan of Willesden edged out Simon Weller from Brighton in the election to replace the lovely Keith Norman. TSSA also have a new Gen Sec, Manuel Cortes, who was the only candidate to be nominated. Over at RMT Uncle Bob will continue his rule for another 5 years as no one stood to oppose him. Manuel and Bob seem to get on rather well by all accounts so I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time there’s a dispute on stations you could see joint action by both unions.

Oddly it is exactly a year since TSSA and RMT called off their strikes over the ticket office closures. Since then there have been two one-day strikes by RMT TOps on the Northern and Bakerloo Lines in December and January but apart from those while there has been a fair amount of shouting and sabre rattling not a single day has been lost to industrial action by the RMT.

Remember how ASLEF went on strike last Boxing Day and I said that we were expecting to have talks on the subject? After 11 months of avoiding the issue LUL finally agreed to discuss our grievance at a meeting last Thursday. Unsurprisingly they still don’t see Boxing Day as anything special so once more we are balloting for strike action.

I will abstain, not out of apathy but because I won’t be working that week and somehow I don’t feel it’s right for me to vote for a strike when I won’t be losing a day’s pay for it.

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  1. By how many T/Ops are you "down" by then. I noticed at Loughton the other day, the next SB train was a 13 minute wait! (i'd just missed one). Presumably this is where it should be a 6/7 minute service, and one had just been cancelled causing a huge gap. The automated announcement obivously announced that this was "A good service" ...