Friday 16 March 2012


Sunday the engineering works continued but this time with everything west of WHC closed down. As few passengers wish to venture beyond SHB on a Sunday things were far more relaxed and my only problem that night was getting two drunks to leave when I was about to put the train into HAI depot. The pair of them simply sat mutely smiling at each other refusing to communicate or move so in end the Super and I grabbed one each under the arm, hauled them up on their feet and ushered them out onto the platform. I left the Super herding them towards the stairs and later saw them sat on the wall outside the station still smiling and speechless.

Nothing much happened until Thursday night when I reached WER and found a bumper load of sleeping passengers; between the Super and I we must have cleared out at least half a dozen. The star turn was a Suit slumped over in his seat with his head resting on his knees and his arms hanging limp. A huge pool of liquid vomit had spread around his feet and along the carriage which I gingerly stepped around and gave him a shake. He sat bolt upright, jumped up, lost his footing due to the slippery conditions he’d created and sat straight back down again with a coccyx shattering thump.

I just wish I’d been filming it, pure YouTube gold.

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