Wednesday 5 December 2012

The word around the depots is that we could be getting up to 70 new TOps on the Central Line which will help as for two nights in a row I’ve been finishing off LOU duties and ending up in the sidings at WOO. On both duties the trains stable early enough for the TOps to get an EB train back to LOU to book off but not for us to catch the WB last train to LES and both nights the DTSM at LOU had to be reminded that they needed to book a taxi otherwise we’d be stranded at WOO.

That however is nothing compared to Sunday night when WHC were asking for the night spare to be sent over so they could take a train into the sidings from the platform, a whole 3 minutes driving plus walking time back to the station, and then get a taxi all the way back across town. There are times when I’m glad that I just drive a train and have no involvement in managerial decisions, I think my mind might melt under the strain.

Last night when I reached WOO and was closing up there was a gentleman on the rear car who was very unwilling to leave the train. For a long time all he was prepared to say was  that he was fine and that he’d had a good night, something that was perfectly obvious to anyone. He then switched from this mantra, declaring that he was trying to get to Southgate and demanded that he be taken home. Eventually he announced that he was at fault, got to his feet with a little assistance and staggered off towards the exit. Christmas is going to be fun…

I received my ballot paper for Boxing Day, the result will be announced in a little under two weeks but there doesn’t seem to be much hope of anything getting sorted. Management seem to be sticking to their tactic of appealing directly to the very same TOps who voted overwhelmingly to go on strike the last two years while ASLEF wait for LUL to negotiate. Sadly I get the feeling that I could be writing something very similar on this blog in a year’s time.

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