Friday 11 January 2013

I’ve not written recently for a variety of reasons, there’s not been much going on at work, I’ve had lots to keep me busy outside of work, I’m still not entirely healthy and I’m off to the doctors later to see what’s what.  Most of all I just couldn’t be arsed, I was lacking inspiration, it was becoming a chore and I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I used to. 

I’m only writing this because a dear, dear friend and a long time follower of my blog asked me to when I met her up in town yesterday for a drink and so this is for Treacle, as requested, you’d better like it or next time the olives and the first bottle of wine are on you.

The ten things, places or whatever I love most about London.

I’ll have to start with the Tube, I’ve loved it ever since my Grandfather first took me on it when I was about 5 or 6, the epic journey all the way from Dagenham Heathway to Becontree in an old R stock train, the sights, sounds and smells are buried deep in my memory.  As I grew older my journeys expanded, going to Barking to the big library, to Upton Park to watch West Ham, all the way to Aldgate East to buy my first DMs at Blackman’s.

Longer trips included going to Embankment though back then it was called Charing Cross while what is now Charing Cross was Strand and Trafalgar Square.  From there I’d scurry over the Hungerford Bridge to attend classical concerts at the Festival Hall on a cheap tickets for schools scheme.  There were trips all the way to South Kensington for one or other of the museums during the holidays, with Mum at first and then just me and my older brother.

Then when I started work and had money of my own I was able to travel all over London discovering the delights it had to offer and I’m still discovering in the early stages of my fifth decade.  London is always changing, things come and go, a constant flux, if you can’t accept the change then it’s time to move somewhere less fluid.  Embrace the chaos or die!

Now I work on the Tube, something I’d never considered before I applied to join over 15 years ago, something I certainly never imagined when old Fred Shepherd took me to Becontree to….well, I have no idea why we went to Becontree, I’ll have to ask Mum.

Nine more to go.

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