Monday 6 May 2013

ATO was having fun yesterday, on Sundays we’re mean to drive manual east of LES and west of WHC but I ended up doing plenty of driving in the “Pipe”.  Once on my “first half” the train pulled up in a heap when it had only just left the station, if forget where that was, and then it stopped only a couple of cars into the platform at SHB EB.  I also lost the CCTV as I was leaving LIS WB, had to knock out the TBC to activate the emergency brake and call up Wood Lane to monitor me leaving the platform.

This weekend there is engineering work on the District Line at MIE and as it would throw up loads of dust they decided to shut the station completely.  Wood Lane put in a “station skip” which meant that in ATO the trains roll through at 20kph which worked fine WB but for some reason both times I tried to start the train up at BEG on the EB DTS flashed up an “ATO not ready” message and I had to go Coded all the way to STR.  Not that that was a problem, it’s just rather amusing when loads of people think that driverless trains are just around the corner and that all we do is push buttons.


  1. I take it you must have missed the chaos on Saturday - Signal failure at Liverpool Street meant Eastbound trains werent stopping and they had to do a restricted speed through the station. That left trains stacked up as far as the West End!

  2. Yet Sir P Hendy has stated that LUL will not be orderering any new tube train with cabs .....
    And, somehow, I don't think DLR-type operation will work on Tube loading gauge [ Might work on the SSL's mark you? ]