Monday 10 June 2013

A postscript to yesterday's post.
As if in response to the GLA Tories suggesting that businesses should sponsor stations and that fares rises were not a good thing Boris came up with the suggestion that Crossrail be named the Queen Elizabeth Line.  Obviously he thinks that naming the Olympic Park after Her Maj is not enough but she has plenty of things named after her, surely enough is enough.

In the London area alone they’ve renamed Big Ben’s Tower and the Great Court at the British Museum after her, she’s the toll bridge at Dartford, a concert hall on the South Bank, a pier next to the Millennium Dome, a college at London Uni, a conference hall in Westminster and a reservoir in Surrey.  Elsewhere she’s schools, parks, hospitals, courts, theatres, sport centres and a planetarium in Canada, she even used to be a boulevard in Tehran.

They’ve renamed Hungerford Bridge the Golden Jubilee Bridge and the Jubilee Line was named because it was opened in 1977 which coincided with her 25 years on the throne.  I would point out that the Victoria Line was not named after Queen Victoria, it was named after the station which itself wasn’t named after the Queen but the street it stood on although the street was named after the Queen.

Crossrail should remain Crossrail, otherwise you’ll have station control rooms announcing delays on Queen Elizabeth due to signal failures which just doesn’t sound right.

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  1. Don't forget the large swathe of Antarctica that now bears the name of our monarch.