Thursday 12 December 2013

Despite the whole Boxing Day dispute being settled in the summer it has suddenly become news again with the amazing talking genital wart who masquerades as Tory Assembly Member Richard Tracey expressing his utter outrage that on top of £46k pa and 43 days leave we're now getting triple pay if we volunteer to work 26th December.

I’m sure I’ve said all this before but for those who didn’t know our salary is on a par with train drivers working for the mainline privatised TOCs, if I spoke French I could go earn a hell of a lot more on Eurostar.  We get 28 days statutory paid holiday, 8 days for bank holidays, 6 days for working 36 hours but only getting paid for 35 and one day for no reason I’ve ever been able to work out.  All those days are split into four two week blocks which are allocated on a rota basis apart from one day which gets used for Christmas and two spare days.

By agreeing that TOps cannot move depots for 18 months we’re saving LUL the same as it costs to pay 800 TOps the Boxing Day bonus, they wanted something from us, we wanted something from them, we did a deal and everyone is happy.  Amusingly the word going around the depots is that so few people wanted to work Boxing Day this year that LUL had to use the option of telling those TOps who’d been with us the shortest time they’d have to come into work and get paid triple time when they would rather have stayed at home.

Lazy train drivers?  Maybe but greedy, apparently not.


  1. Don't you just love the Tories? Whenever there's a dispute they go straight to the wages and say train drivers are overpaid for what we do and compare us usually to nurses,teachers,firemen etc. Then say how can't we live on such a wage?
    Well Mr Tracey,there's a group of your colleagues at Westminster who think that £66000 salary,their two home's mortgages paid for,their fuel bills paid their moats cleaned and their duck houses erected to be not enough,thats why they're getting an 11% pay rise,all at the tax payers expense!
    Whereas the tube deal is cost neutral,don't ya love a bit of hypocrisy?

  2. My favourite is when Tracey goes on about how strikes should only be allowed if at least 50% of those eligible to vote are in favour rather than just a majority of those who actually bothered to vote. He holds his seat on the GLA thanks to 43% of votes cast and only 17.6% of eligible voters in Merton and Wandsworth.

    Actually I think MPs should be paid more, they get a hell of a lot less than some bosses at LUL and TfL who are a lot less accountable and don’t have to stand for re-election every 4-5 years

  3. Talking Genital Wart - Luv it!