Friday 10 January 2014

Unsurprisingly RMT have voted in favour of striking over the job cuts, a 43% turnout voted 76% in favour of strike action so no doubt at some point in the near future Richard “baboon’s arse” Tracey will start shouting that a minority is holding London to ransom.  RMT could call a strike as early as next Friday but they'd be doing so without TSSA who announced they’d be balloting their members today.  The results won’t be known until 27th January so the earliest they could go on strike is 3rd February and I think it's unlikely that RMT will waste a strike day when they could be more effective holding joint action as they did in 2010.  Regardless LUL aren't going to back down on this, just like 2010 the strikes will eventually be called off when support starts to fade.

Around the depots I’ve heard some RMT members point out that fewer staff will mean fewer contributions to our pension fund and complaining that ASLEF are doing nothing about it.  Sadly as no ASLEF members will be losing their jobs we can’t vote for strike action, if we did then LUL would simply go to the courts to get an injunction and unlike the Boxing Day dispute where they failed they would be likely to succeed.  ASLEF are looking at the safety implications but until we can find a legitimate reason to object to the changes there’s little we can do other than not cross the picket lines when the strike happens.

Addenda.  I wrote too soon, The Dick has already spoken.

"RMT seems to be doing everything in its power to block innovation and progress on our tube network, while making sure their members pockets are lined with up to £62K salaries to drive trains, some of which are driverless capable, and bribes just to do their job on public holidays".

Ok, how many mistakes in that sentence can you spot?


  1. Richard Tracey, a man who speaks only in catchphrases and "buzzwords". He has no ideas of his own, he merely rearranges soundbites into a semi-coherent waffle

  2. 'innovation and progress'.......what will the masses do when the machines fully take over and no need for the human touch???......'innovation and progress' see SLAVERY!!

  3. I do wish RMT staff would take more interest in ballots and actually vote, so that both sides don't try to claim the abstainers as being on their side. Surely something as important as going on strike is not an issue you can have no view on, and even if the member thinks they'll just go with what the majority decides, they could still express their opinion in the vote.

  4. Well I guess if you are balloted on an issue that doesn't directly affect your grade then sometimes it seems sensible to remain impartial. RMT staff in Service Control were balloted for strike action but I'm not sure if they're being called out.

  5. Just going through the archives. I preferred it when you referred to Dick(head) Tracey as the talking genital wart...