Monday 21 April 2014

Okay this is just a guess but I think I’ve worked out what RMT are saying.

On 17 April they issued a memo from the General Grades Committee saying that in addition to the 953 jobs we knew about another 840 frontline staff would be lost while at the same time LUL would be creating an extra 900 managers.  I think, but I’m not sure, that RMT are counting the 971 new Customer Service Manager positions as management but from what I’ve read they’re just Station Supervisors given a fancy new name.  Apart from taking on some extra admin work delegated from the defunct DSM position they’re going to be doing much the same job for the same pay and are no less frontline than the Station Supers we have right now.

Are RMT going out on strike over a change of job title?  If I manage to get clarification on this issue I will let you know.

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