Thursday 26 June 2014

Another period of silence from me mostly because I’ve been busy with other commitments (Old Mother shrugged continues to improve) but also because very little has happened or at least nothing that hasn’t happened before.  We still don’t have enough TOps to cover everything, there is a big problem with absence at one of the depots –it’s currently HAI’s turn - the number of faults on trains while they’re in service is still noticeably higher under the current timetable and there are power still supply problems at various locations.  One nasty one is on the EB approach to SHB where on several occasions all four units have lost motors leaving the train to coast into the platform at a snail's pace before it came to a stop and I could hit the reset button..

The only thing that stands out is the wildlife.  A few weeks ago up towards the rabbit kingdom between DEB-THB I was scanning the trackside for bunnies when I saw something that looked like a deer, about the size of a small dog or a fox.  I did a bit of checking online and found that there have been sightings of Muntjacs in Essex but last week halfway between SNA and LES on the WB I saw another, unmistakeably a small deer climbing up the embankment from the cable run.

Keep your eyes peeled on the EPP branch, animal lovers, there’s Muntjacs about.


  1. There is something happening. The upcoming ASLEF ballot for industrial action. Are you for or against? I'm for.

  2. All I’ve read is the notice up on the boards saying that the last Western Electric branch meeting voted to ask Executive Committee for a strike ballot on the Central Line over various grievances but I’d not heard if these issues were raised at the Leytonstone branch meeting two days before, if they had a similar vote or if Executive Council had come to any decision.

    Unless the west end of the line is going on strike on its own without the east end.