Sunday 17 August 2014

Last Wednesday ASLEF got the result of the ballot for strike action on the Central Line and it was supported by 90% although I’ve not heard how many of us voted so we could have the usual suspects whining on about us not having a majority.   A strike has been called for this Friday, 22nd August, with a second on Wednesday 17th September if things aren't sorted out by then.  ASLEF members will not book on between 00:01 and 23:59 which means that unlike the RMT strikes we won’t cause any problems for people getting home the night before but there might be a few first trains missing the following morning.

On Thursday morning our reps met with management to let them know that "the ball was in their court" and that we'd would be willing to call it off at any time as long as there was significant progress but so far we’ve heard nothing further.   There have been no internal announcements from management saying that our action is unnecessary and nothing externally, almost as if the strike is being ignored in the hope it will go away.  I suppose it wouldn’t have filtered through until Friday by which time everyone at 55 Broadway was looking forward to the weekend, no one was thinking about work, they all went down the pub lunchtime so no one was in a fit state to do anything in the afternoon and they’ll get on to it first thing Monday morning.

RMT are not going on strike, they’ve responded by complaining that they raised all the issues we are going on strike over at a meeting this time last year but ASLEF refused to support them – or to put it another way we’re like the USA in both World Wars, turning up late and then claiming all the credit.  Looking back at my somewhat scanty blogging from last year that was when ASLEF were negotiating a settlement to the Boxing Day dispute, something RMT had shown absolutely no interest in until after it was settled when they complained the agreement was less than they’d wanted.

Unless I hear otherwise ASLEF will be on strike this Friday and services on the Central Line could be severely reduced.  Don’t forget you heard it here first because  LUL, TfL, the Mayor of London, the Evening Standard and every other news outlet can't be bothered.


  1. What goes through minds of the Union reps who call a strike on the Friday instead of the days the management would have taken notice like the carnival weekend Sunday or Monday. Which I am sure the ASLEF members would have preferred as well. Friday is a nondescript day really. RMT would definitely have called for next weekend instead.

  2. Also the strike would got a lot of mention in the media if it had been on the carnival weekend. 'Friday really!!! instead of the weekend? O.K that is not a news story'

    1. If we'd held the strike on Carnival weekend the passengers from the Central Line would be displaced onto the Bakerloo, H&C, Circle and District which would have meant even more agro for our fellow ASLEF members and other staff members working on those lines.

      Maybe these things only occur to people actually working in public transport........

    2. I work as a Driver on LU. I just think you call a strike to cause the most inconvenience. Management would have been more willing to settle if the strike was held on Bank holiday Monday, therefore no strike and if not ASLEF could at the last minute 'bow to pressure' and call it off. A Friday strike will not win this dispute. Management are not in the game of giving in these days, a Bank holiday strike I believe would have seen them give in and settle.

    3. “I work as a Driver on LU.”

      And I’m a duck billed platypus. Okay, just for arguments sake, which depot are you at?

      “Management are not in the game of giving in these days” but “Management would have been more willing to settle if the strike was held on Bank holiday Monday”


      “I just think you call a strike to cause the most inconvenience”

      I think you’re a sad wanker. Now fuck off.

    4. I am a Driver based at Leytonstone who belongs to the RMT who won't be crossing a picket line at if the strike goes ahead on Friday. I will introduce myself next time I see you.

    5. Sure Shrugged can't wait.
      Stay classy, stay ignorant, stay RMT.

  3. Very WELL DONE! You have full support from at least one ASLEF member from The District Line. The same unethical Management practises are in force on The District too. They have been going on too long and are just getting worse. Exercises in pettiness and no less. Controllers don't control. Signal operators don't operate. Drivers have to do everything, as well as take the blame for everyone else's errors. Its a joke, LUL's idea of "Management"! I applaud all Central Line ASLEF for standing up for business ETHICS. Its a shame other unions and other ASLEF branches have their heads stuck in the sand. Well Done ASLEF Central.

  4. In response to the LU driver from Leytonstone who commented " I just think you call a strike to cause the most inconvenience”... As opposed to what exactly? Calling a strike at half two on Christmas morning so nobody notices? Think it through...

  5. So the drivers do everything, what a load of shit you talk.....
    Controller my train won't go what do I do ??
    Signaller the signal is green can I go ??
    I'm late can you turn me...
    I need a PNR.....for a coffee and a phone break.
    What I'm spare and I can't go home 3 hours early !!!
    This is the mating call of the Central Line Train Operator.
    Whine moan whinge.......Shut the fuck up.

    1. You need a reality check, Guy.
      "Controller, My train is broken. I ofcourse know how to get it going if you would only stop asking "are you moving, yet?" every 2 seconds."
      " Signaller, you have given me a green but its the wrong route. What? You wern't aware until I told you??"
      "Controller, the service is running late and there is heavy loading due a gap ahead of me. I wont bother to ask you to turn me 'cos you're only interested in KPIs and getting some bonus and not running a timely safe service".
      "I need a PNR cos I need to use the toilet facilities cos you managed to keep me on a late train for more than 4hours 15mis!"
      " I am any driver on any part of the combine on any late spare. Of course I expect to sit around from 1700 hrs 'till 1am just to stable a train cos Managers cant organise coverage adequately"
      You "Anonymous" are OBVIOUSLY A TYPICAL CENTRAL LINE "MANAGER", Buddy Boy!

  6. No a person with years of listening to the shit you lot come out with.
    If you lot only heard the way your colleges carry on you would be both embarrassed and ashamed.

    1. Yep. Definitely a Central Line Manager. lol. Cant even spell.
      " Mr Purfumonce Manager,
      Driver Smith cunt cum to wurk cos he is at colleague studeeing". Der?
      I see my "colleges" (sic) way more often than you ever have or ever will. I hear what they have to say on a regular a basis.
      99.9% are decent, conscientious and hardworking guys.
      The other 0.01% are just future Central Line Managers!
      The only one who should be ashamed is YOU!
      There have been breakdowns of relations over local issues on Picc, District and H&C recently.
      Management on those lines have a modicum of skills and nous and through mutual agreement, prevented industrial action.
      ONLY on The Central did an actual strike occur.
      You have the worst management skills of any other manager on The Combine...OFFICIAL!
      Yep. You are definitely are an embarrassment and a shame to all decent Managers.