Thursday 15 January 2015

Last year I signed up to Twitter in order to get notification of developments during the ASLEF Central Line dispute in the summer but since then I’ve generally ignored it.  Today I got a notification that RMT are about to ballot all their TOps for strike action in support of Alex McGuigan, the Morden depot TOp dismissed for failing a random breath test.  As has been mentioned on numerous occasions he has Type 2 diabetes which can give a false positive reading on the rather simplistic breath testers that LU use.  There were other procedural errors committed by LU in this particular case all of which they’ve chosen to ignore.

RMT hailed the last strike as “rock solid” albeit in a limited way as it was only Morden depot that was affected.  13 out of 50 TOps booked on which while somewhat less than “rock solid” supports RMT’s claim that some ASLEF TOps supported the action.  Choosing to spread the strike across the whole Tube rather than balloting the three depots at the northern end of the line seems a little ambitious, especially as a recent article suggested that RMTs membership among TOps has dwindled from around 1200 to somewhere around 800-900.

Oh and Happy New Year to you all.

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