Friday 10 July 2015

Well that went well or not depending on your point of view, hopefully it was enough to give management reason to return to the negotiations with a little less macho posturing and a lot more willingness to find a compromise solution that addresses our grievances.  One thing I did find interesting was Boris saying “I am not as hug up on the date.  We’ll get it done this Autumn” when asked about the future of Night Tube.  Being an eternal optimist that suggests to me that Plan A - impose Night Tube without consulting the staff - has been discarded and Plan B - take the time to talk to the staff about how to make it happen - is now in effect.  It probably means nothing of the sort but I can hope.


  1. Your strike action on August 5th/6th will have no affect on the Tory government that you despise so much, but will impact on honest working people who rely on your services to get to work, no matter what their political leanings might be.

    My daughter, has bought a train ticket to get from the West Midlands to Gatwick Airport which incorporates a short Tube journey from Euston to Victoria, she is so worried that the disruption will cause her to miss her flight to LA on Thursday, that I am considering driving her to the airport myself.

    I'm a 70 year old pensioner, who will find the car journey out of my comfort zone, but what do you guys care as long as you can make your statement?

    You really are a bunch of cunts.

    1. Sorry to correct you ,but in England I think you will find the correct collective term for cunts is a "shower" of cunts ! . By the way Euston to Victoria is only a 25 minute walk however if you are using National Express for your transfer from Victoria to Gatwick I believe there is a stop at baker street which you can pick the same bus . It's only a 10 min walk and will help burn a few calories off .( assuming she is a typical obese yank ...which , in fairness she might not be .) You have a nice day now :)