Friday 23 April 2010

What’s better than running to timetable? Running to timetable and getting off early. One of the shunters in the depot managed to put a train “on the floor” and “bend it a bit”. I’ll assume you understand that the floor is not a suitable place for trains, they are generally meant to be on the rails. Shunters, in case you were wondering, are they who spend their time moving trains from one part of a depot to another for reasons beyond the ken of mere mortals.

With a train derailed in the depot there were problems getting others out so rather than putting my train away at the end of my shift I was told that it would be kept in service and that another driver would take it off me at Hai. So instead of taking it into the depot and then hiking out again all I had to do was pop across from Plat 3 to Plat 1, jump on the train waiting there and ride “on the cushion” back to Les. I left for home 45 minutes early; which was nice…...

Derek is still poorly and even though it’s my day off Friday I will go into work after I’ve been to the local aquatics centre to see if they have any idea what is wrong with him. Clive seems to like the peas.

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