Thursday 22 April 2010

Pay day for all us Tube workers, we get paid every four weeks, thirteen times a year rather than monthly which makes keeping up with direct debits a nightmare.

Another quiet day with everything running to timetable apart from a three minute stoppage on the WB for a passenger having an epileptic fit at Oxo and a train going out of service at WeR delaying my arrival. On the way back we had the instruction to drive at “caution speed” approaching Shepherd’s Bush due to the BTP dealing with an “ongoing incident”. Not a great inconvenience as I was going east and the speed limit on the EB approach to ShB is 20kph.

My real worry yesterday was that one of the goldfish doesn’t look at all well, a quick look at the Practical Fishkeeping website suggested he might be constipated and suggested a remedy. Thus it was that I spent the entire second half of my shift with the heater on in the cab defrosting a bag of frozen peas. Please send your best wishes for Derek.

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