Wednesday 18 August 2010

CCTV failure at TCR EB yesterday, one of the four cameras was on the fritz so there was a CSA stood by the headwall to ensure that if anyone got stuck in the doors or fell between the platform and the two cars we couldn’t see they could hit one of the emergency stop buttons. When I went through a second time there was a different CSA on the platform and they were stood in their normal place halfway down the platform.

While I could see them on one of the screens I had no idea if they were aware that I was blind on two cars so if I left the platform and there was an incident I would be held responsible. Now I'm not losing my job or getting his collar felt by BTP over a misunderstanding so I held the train until the CSA walked to the front cab and I had assured myself that he knew the score. If you follow the set procedure you are covered, cut corners and you could end up sitting in jail, a lot of people forget this.

Although we've had the new timetable for more than a month we still don’t have Duty Books at my depot (unlike everywhere else), the little guides that condense our duty list and the timetable into an easy to follow form. When I booked on I knew when I was starting and finishing but I had to look up my train numbers, when I was getting off for my meal relief and when I resumed working.

What I failed to notice was exactly when and where I was being taken off so I was happily going over Woodford Junction towards LES when Wood Lane called up to point out that I’d left my relief behind at LOU. The confusion happened because I’d neglected to change the destination from NOA to EAB so the relieving TOp had assumed it wasn’t his train. Now I always go by the train number but each to their own I suppose. There was no spare available at LES so the train had to wait on Plat. 2 till the driver could get there on the next train from LOU.

I’m doing the same shift today, think I’ll be getting off at LOU.

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