Wednesday 11 August 2010

Very little has happened over the last two days while I was spare though I did take a train round “the Loop” to WOO and put it away for the night.

RMT got their result, 76% in favour of a strike though less than half of the 8700 members bothered to vote. Sensibly for once RMT is waiting till next week when TSSA, the other station staff union which also covers the operational management grades, get the results of their ballot. Regardless of what happens if they call a few 24 or 48 hour strikes it will not stop the staff cuts, despite all the claims this is just a protest that LUL will simply ignore. If it goes on for more than one or two strike dates the staff will drift back as they see their pay packets dwindle. If the public notice the difference and start complaining there might be a rethink but that won’t happen until the changes have gone through.

Well, it keeps Bob Crowe happy I suppose.

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