Tuesday 21 September 2010

It’s work, Jim, but not as we know it. I’m on lates this week and I knew I was starting Monday at 14:00 but when I phoned up last week to check my finishing time I was told that I had been released for a Waterloo & City line refresher. Word is that recently a spare was asked to go down the Drain and they claimed that their training wasn’t up to date as they hadn’t been down there in years so now they are making sure we are all reintroduced.

So I was at Waterloo for 09:00, much to the amusement of the regulars who know the only other time I've been down there was for my initial training and I managed to avoid that for three years. I endured a very boring morning going over the same thing I did last year and then drove a train up and down for a bit. All it did was to confirm that I find working the W&C tedious in the extreme. Back on the Main tomorrow, at a reasonable time.

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