Friday 3 September 2010

Once again I find myself apologising for not writing but despite switching to late turns I’m still waking up at 3am and feeling dog tired all day. Nothing much has happened recently, no amusing anecdotes to relate, TSSA and RMT will go on strike next week but I will be on two weeks leave as of Sunday so I will miss all the fun until the next planned date in October.

On Sunday platform 3A will be opening at STR WB so we will be opening the doors on both sides of the train from this weekend. Naturally we are predicating that someone will forget and only open on one side leaving a load of irate passengers behind.

One of my colleagues is going for six month’s secondment as a DMT and as I’m top of the list in the Pool to be rostered I’m covering him in his absence so I can plan my life once more. Which is nice….

If something does happen in the next two days I will relay it here but if not I will be back in sixteen days time. Take care out there, folks.

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