Thursday 31 March 2011

Apart from being held for the last District EB again Tuesday was utterly uneventful and Wednesday was threatening to be identical until I reached WOO. Amongst everyone else getting off the train there was a forlorn figure stood on the platform displaying all the signs of someone who had just woken up, who was a little unsure where WOO actually was but was certain that it wasn’t where his soft, warm bed was located and was starting to suspect that after a night out enjoying the fleshpots of the West End he had insufficient funds for the minicab home.

At LOU the Line Controller informed me that there wouldn’t be anyone to dispatch me as the Station Super was busy dealing with a drunk on a train waiting to go into the sidings and as I was changed ends at EPP a young lady was staggering unsteadily up the platform. I asked her if she needed help, she declined and apologising for throwing up on my train explained that this was her first night out for a year. I told her not to worry, that she wasn’t the first, certainly wouldn’t be the last and assured her that she wasn’t in as bad a condition as some people I’d encountered.

There is a vacancy for Rep at my depot, the election will be held at the brach meeting in May, both candidates have now asked me to turn up to vote for them and I’ve said yes to both. Think I might be busy that night.

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