Monday 7 March 2011

I bad mouth Lembit Opik and my home PC gets infected by some virus/Trojan/thingie the very next day; coincidence or something more sinister? Of course it’s a coincidence, I don’t go for all that conspiracy theory bollocks. Saturday night was quiet, Sunday morning equally so. There were no unstaffed stations the last few days and no ATO failures, which was a pleasant surprise.

There’s a news item floating around this morning about us running 24 hours over the Olympics, so far picked up by the Standard and the BBC, which is amusing considering what LUL said and I reported last week.

I despair at what passes for journalism these days, no one seems to bother checking the veracity of a story before publishing it. And don’t get me started on TV, that Riz Lateef is as effective an interviewer as a dead badger. I’m certainly turning into a grumpy old man………

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