Monday 18 July 2011

Back on nights and a big “whoops” to start things off.

Somebody misread their duty book and was waiting at HAI when their train arrived at LES with the TOp expecting to be relieved. Fortunately I had turned up early for my shift to sort out a few changeovers (I was meant to be at HAI Thursday and Friday and now I’ll be at LOU all week) so ten minutes before I was even officially booked on I was off to HAI to reunite train with driver.

Other than that very little last night, we were told to expect crowds from Lovebox in Victoria Park but it looks as if the rain dampened people’s enthusiasm for outdoor music. The only time I went to Vicky Park for a concert was when the Clash and others played a Rock against Racism benefit back in 1978.

We were meant to gather at Trafalgar Square and march through London but my mates and I decided to save our energy for pogo-ing and went straight there from MIE. As it turned out we made the right choice as the crowd exceeded all expectations, we were near the front and read in the NME that you could hardly hear a thing at the back.

On Monday we have 13 duties uncovered and at least one train will be cancelled. Out of 122 TOps at LES we have 20 or so off sick with others on training courses, seconded to management posts, on annual leave, etc.

We’ve also got one TOp waiting the outcome of an appeal against dismissal, he’s an RMT member and there are rumours of a ballot for strike action if he gets turned down. I’ll keep you informed as and when things develop but you have been warned.


  1. So the RMT babies are throwing their dummies out again are they.

    Thanks for the heads up though

  2. Those "RMT babies" twice made LUL look like complete idiots at the employment tribunal while LUL wasted at least £250k.