Wednesday 20 July 2011

Nothing much to report from the last two nights, Monday was deathly and Tuesday not much better; must be the weather. It did produce a truly glorious sunrise over DEB as I headed up to EPP this morning so I’ve no complaints.

Needless to say with all this rain ATO was failing on a regular basis, quite amusing as I had a Station Super on his way home from MAA in the cab who was pondering how long before the trains became driverless just as we pulled up two cars short at WHC.

On Monday despite being the last EPP the dot-matrix destination describer on the front of the train was insistent that we were WER bound. The TOp before me had tried everything he could think of and written it down on the “trouble sheet” so I tried a few things he hadn’t without success. No one seemed to notice as we headed east apart from one poor lady who jumped on at HAL only to got off again at EAA telling the Super that she was on the wrong train.

In addition while SONIA was happy to go through her spiel when the doors opened on the near side she was obstinately quiet when I opened the off side and as most of the platforms on the EB are off side I had to do PAs all the way through the “pipe”.

One day I’m going to stick up “ONGAR” and see of anyone notices.

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