Monday 27 February 2012

A thoroughly uninteresting week was brought to an end with a fight at HAL; roughly halfway down the train two gentlemen spilled out of the car and onto the platform with fists flying. At one point they were both on the floor and for a moment I thought they were about to fall onto the track.

The Station Super and their friends managed to drag them apart with one on the platform while the other was hustled back on the train so I closed the doors and set off. When I got to WER the one I’d taken with me apologised for the blood in the car, which was nice.

To add to all this we had engineering work between LIS and WOO/NEP which meant that I started Saturday by getting a taxi to LIS to pick up the last WER train. After I’d stabled that I got another taxi to WHC, picked up my colleague who been on the last EAB, onto HAI where he got out and then onto LOU. In the morning I trundled up and down the line between EPP and WOO a couple of times before jumping into yet another taxi to take me back to where I’d started.

In all I spent as much time sat in a taxi as I did on a train and crossed Shoreditch High Street twice; it would appear that the late night bar and club business in the area is doing very nicely.

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