Monday 20 February 2012

Very little to report apart from the rain on Friday making things very slippery in Auto and in Coded, the train missed the stopping mark at WHC WB and then I missed the stopping mark at WEA WB. Whoops.

The staff shortage continues to bite, I had to start a shift by getting a train out of WOO sidings when it should have been out on the line already, at WHC and LES trains were left in the middle platform and the service run around them because there was no one available to take over from the TOp who was finishing their shift, plenty of "No Cover Available" on the sheets at WER and LES.

The good news is that about half a dozen trainees started at Ashfield House this month and a few more are on trains under the supervision of the IOps. The bad news is that rumour has it they’ll only be here for the Olympics and then move to the Northern.

Further information on the “trespasser” at SOR, when BTP arrived they found that the gentleman was so “disturbed” that they called for back up with a taser. I’m sure I’m not the only one to see the irony in asking for a device that incapacitates someone with electricity when we have plenty around on the track.

The Bakerloo had it’s own trespasser on Saturday, the line was shut down for quite a while between Stonebridge Park and Harrow and Wealdstone for a dog on the track at Kenton. Awwwwwww.

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