Friday 8 June 2012

The Central Line hadn’t resumed when I booked on but to my surprise they were talking about sending test trains through the section that had been flooded and around 4:30pm we were given the all clear. Considering the amount of damage the water is reported to have done the job the engineers did in getting the whole thing working again in just over 24 hours is quite staggering, not that anyone working outside the railway industry seems to appreciate that.

We continued to run shuttles between EPP-LES, HAI-WOO and WHC-WER while starting up a HAI-EAB service as all the TOps were now in the wrong place; for example had it been a normal day I should have been somewhere around MAA WB but instead I was at WOO EB. With the evening peak upon us this was no time to start the herculean task of trying to get everyone back where they should be so we stuck with what we had and got on with the business of moving people around London.

Boris apparently wants a word with Thames Water, presumably his opening sentence will be “Don’t do anything near a Tube line in the last week of July and the first two weeks of August”. I'm off until Tuesday, happy travellin'.

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  1. And don't forget the last week of August and first bit of September too.

    There's a Paralympic Games afterwards as well :)

    Well done to the engineers and everybody on the Central for getting a service going again