Monday 18 June 2012

Last week was totally devoid of incident which was welcome after the traumas of the week before. The only thing of note was that I was issued with an Olympics pack which consist of two booklets, a special Olympic Hi-Vi to be worn between for the duration of the Games and a limited edition badge.

One book is from TfL giving details of the services that will be running during the Games, how to get to the various venues, ticket prices and a guide to step free access while the other is from the Olympic Delivery Authority with details of the various sporting events and the venues. I’m sure these will be very useful to the station staff but not a lot of good for a TOp stuck up the front of a train and only making contact when we change ends, to the best of my knowledge there are no events at Epping or West Ruislip. As TOps rarely wear Hi-vis unless we are walking in and out of depots and sidings it’s unlikely we’ll be seen by the public in our special Olympic vestments and the badge, well, it’s a badge.

With this pack comes a letter advising us that after the Games we can keep these items as mementoes but if not we should hand them back, it doesn’t take a master’s degree to work out they mean don’t stick them on eBay. Not that I would but there’s always the possibility I could accidently leave them with the ex-Mrs.Shrugged……….


  1. No problems, we've been divorced a couple of years and we get on a lot better now than when we were married.

  2. Better now than when you were married! Ha ha! Well, at least you get on now!

    I'm a driver with a TOC and we have been issued with a booklet detailing extra late night trains from London termini, what service the tube is running, and maps of some of the areas where events are taking place (Grennwich springs to mind). No extra hi-vis but we can buy a pin badge for £3 with the money going to one of three charities, so I'll be getting one of those. The booklet, well I'm not really into sport, but perhaps I should hunt it down (if I haven't put it into be recycled!) as my Nan loves athletics! I'll give it to her if I can find it!

    I know what you mean though - all that money to produce all that stuff, and is it actually used/appreciated?

    I expect you've been 'lumped in' with other front-line staff that someone thought it would be a good idea to give information to. And it is better to have more information than you need, than not enough.
    Plus, depending on your depot and shifts, the info on events might help you plan a better way of getting to work than you normally do!