Monday 30 July 2012

My first day on the Olympic timetable and apart from Stratford itself it wasn’t noticeably busier than a regular Sunday though the more frequent trains may have had something to do with that, had we been running a normal Sunday service the platforms might have been a bit more crowded. That being said the real test will be on Friday when the stadium itself opens up.

A friend and I did invent an event that should have been included in the London 2012 Olympic schedule; Boris Bike Relay. It starts with a train arriving at Waterloo, the competitors jumping off, racing to the nearest Boris Bike docking station, getting a bike out, racing to Victoria, putting the bike back and taking out another and so on and so on around the major terminus stations of London. No allowance made for the bikes getting jammed or your credit card not working or being unable to find an empty docking space or getting nicked by a copper for riding on the pavement, the first one back to Waterloo, get a seat on a train and open up a copy of the Evening Standard wins.

Needless to say this was devised after several hours in a pub ………..

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