Wednesday 25 July 2012

Well summer has finally started at last, time to open up those cab doors and drive in Coded Manual. It also means that passengers start dropping like flies from the heat and the number of Passenger Emergency Alarms activated soared along with the temperature. Fortunately every time Wood Lane called a “platforms and hold” I always seemed to be either going in the opposite direction or it was behind me until my last trip of the night when I got caught at BOS for a train stopped at STP. For whatever reason the cause of the delay was never relayed to us so I just tried to keep my passengers informed and amused. It was only when I was filling in my overtime request that the DTSM informed me that a gentleman had been engaging in some inappropriate touching of his fellow passengers. Must be the weather……

I understand there was a bit of bother Monday night but it was my day off so I missed it.

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