Friday 2 November 2012

A couple of interesting days to start me back off leave.  I was spare Monday, got a couple of runs up the EPP branch and then I was given a train with a smashed window to take round to HAI depot via WOO and GRH.  Everything went well until I walked up to HAI station and remembered that there were no trains due to the Blockade.  I just missed the replacement bus and then got to GRH just as a train was pulling out.  D'oh.

On Wednesday I arrived just as service resumed after the shutdown at HOP.  I was told that my train would be leaving on time and when I checked to see where it was it was already on Plat. 1 waiting.  The problem was that the train on Plat. 2 was going to EPP which meant that no trains went WB for at least ten minutes and when I arrived at LEY the platform was very crowded for a Wednesday afternoon.

As expected the platforms were similarly crowded all the way into town and soon I was packed out, people were taking a long time to get off because of the crowded platforms and equally as long to get on.  Thankfully after MAA the platforms started to clear but by the time I got to WHC I had just enough time to change ends before I was off again and that remained the pattern for the rest of the shift.

Going back to the tricky subject of “No detrainment on 'siding reversing' trains” ASLEF have announced that they will be balloting members for industrial action short of going on strike.  I’ll be honest and admit that I have no idea what action we can take short of going on strike that will have any meaningful effect but I’m off to my branch meeting on Tuesday and will hopefully come back with a bit more information.   And naturally it being November our annual Boxing Day strike is looming with still no progress.  Can’t wait.

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