Thursday 22 November 2012

Ah the run up to Christmas begins!  When I changed ends at EPP Plat 1 I was confronted by a pool of vomit by one of the doors, just the sort of thing that would have people already unsteady after a night of revelry going arse over tit and delaying my other, more sure footed, less “refreshed” passengers.  I called up Wood Lane and suggested a change over with the next train in but they thought there was a cleaner on the station and said that the Station Super would pop over to assess the situation.


The Super agreed with me that it was an impressive spillage and told me that Wood Lane had initially suggested he just sluice it away with a bucket of water though where the water was meant to go afterwards he had no idea.  The cleaner came over with a mop and bucket but on seeing the enormity of the problem hurried off to fetch “the Powder”.  “The Powder” absorbs liquid which makes it easier to sweep up the solid matter and having done so the cleaner then mopped up what was left.

The Super asked me if I could hold the train until the cleaner got back as I was the last WER and he needed to catch it to get home so I ended up leaving about 8 minutes late.  When I arrived at DEB there were two men on the platform with a large dog, possibly a mastiff, which was happily jumping up and down but didn’t appear to be on a lead.

For those of you who don’t know both the Railway Byelaws and TfL’s own Conditions of Carriage have something to say on the control of animals and the basic upshot is that dogs must be kept on leads for their own safety and that of other passengers.  I certainly didn’t like the idea of a loose dog of that size thundering up and down the cars so I called the Super to the front of the train and walked back to meet him.  Happily he confirmed that the dog was indeed on a lead but even so I was half expecting Fido to appear on the CCTV every time I opened the doors. 

Of course had it been a Staffie I wouldn’t have cared…….awwww.


Finally when I reached WER and was tipping out I woke a couple who were collapsed on each other by shaking the gentleman and letting the shockwaves carry over to his lady friend.  He actually complemented me on my waking technique.  Which was nice.


  1. I have a lot of sympathy for you and all train drivers this time of year. As an 'occasional' drunk, I know what you have to put up with, or at least I do if I can remember.

    Joking aside, you are all appreciated - even if the Standard and co make out otherwise.

  2. Hurry up and make another post, so horrible picture isn't first thing I see on here!
    Not greatest if you click on during breakfast, lunch, dinner - have a heart. Some people retch at just sight/smell off, and some of those are T/Ops and just that pic evokes horrible recent and past memories!