Monday 19 August 2013

A quick addenda to yesterday’s post, apparently RMT derided the deal on Boxing Day working at the end of last month as it doesn’t meet their aspirations which is all rather amusing as prior to this they’d shown little or no interest and to the best of my recollection had made no statement about it whatsoever.  The only interpretation I can come up with is that having sat on the side lines throughout this dispute RMT are now peeved that ASELF and LUL sorted this out without involving them.

I don’t see there being any actual consequences from RMT’s sour grapes as I’m sure the RMT TOps will be more than happy to either opt for the day off or pocket an extra £350 before tax.  What I do find mildly irritating is it’s only on LUL that we have this sort of inter-union rivalry, on the rest of the UK railways the unions cooperate quite happily, an example of this being up on LO where my good friend the RMT conductors’ rep was invited to speak at the local ASLEF branch meeting.

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