Sunday 25 August 2013

My favourite broken record, Tory GLA member for Merton and Wandsworth Richard Treacy, is once more complaining about union ballots, in this case the RMT conductors on LO.  They voted 89% in favour of strike but only half of those balloted bothered so he’s bitching that the strike action is being pushed through by 43% and demanding that the rules be changed as it is wrong that a minority should cause disruption to London.

In the 2012 Treacy was elected on 43.1% with a turnout of only 40.9% which means he gets his place at the GLA thanks to 17.6% of the voters of Merton and Wandsworth.  Obviously we are left with the question of what has caused more grief to the lives of Londoners, the LO conductors two day strike action or four years of the tediously repetitive Treacy at the GLA.

1 comment:

  1. And his masters in Whitehall govern with even less of the vote.
    They love twisting a story to suit their ends.