Tuesday 11 February 2014

Following what TSSA have said on Twitter it seems that after ten days of negotiations and with proposals being made then withdrawn TfL have agreed to a process that will review staffing requirements at each station rather than LUL’s “5 sizes fit all” approach.  The latest news suggests that RMT have accept the deal too.

One thing that has come out of the strike is that the ASLEF reps have run out of membership forms, we had plenty of TOps defect from RMT while the strike was on, they may drift back as ASLEF is more expensive but as I used to work in the rag trade I can appreciate that you have to pay for quality


  1. Isn't it always the case that some members flee a union when they realise they might have to go on strike? Many people want the benefits but don't actually want to lose a days pay, a similar thing happens station side between the RMT and TSSA

    I imagine once Fit for London Trains kicks in (2015?) a great deal of them will drift back again or leave entirely, Only for the duration of any dispute mind

  2. Yes, IIRC existing T/Ops were promised driving jobs for life as long as they were prepared to be "flexible". We now know what that little word actually means. £36,000 salary p.a. (at today's rates) anyone?

    1. Probably fairly likely, for station staff being 'flexible' can mean change of location, loss of pay per year and change of hours. No reason to think the Train Ops 'flexibility' will be any different.