Sunday 2 February 2014

Okay the situation seems to be LUL saying call off the strike and we’ll talk while the unions say talk to us and we’ll call off the strike if we like what we hear.  There were talks at ACAS but they didn’t go well so I can only assume that the unions did not like what they heard, TSSA want Supers on every station and LUL simply aren’t going to agree to that as that is where they will be saving a lot of money.  Boris has weighed in saying that he’ll talk to Unkle Bob if he calls the strikes off  but no mention of TSSA’s Maunel Cortes, perhaps Boris doesn’t realise there’s more than one union but then he wouldn’t be alone in that.

All that is nothing, the Daily Mail have published a photo of Unkle Bob on holiday on a beach in Brazil and it’s not pretty, certainly not the sort of thing you want to be confronted with while flicking through the papers over breakfast.  Apparently the Moan thinks that going on an expensive holiday when you’re the head of an organisation that boasts 80k plus members and earn considerably less than a lot of TfL executives is somehow hypocritical especially on the eve of a major strike.  I simply wonder if his partner couldn’t have had a quiet word about his choice of beach attire and question the wisdom of exposing so much flesh to the unprepared inhabitants of Rio.

Thankfully I’m a true Grauniad reader and will have no truck with Rothermere’s filthy rag.

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  1. The Mail can certainly teach us a thing or two about hypocrisy.
    At least Bro Bob pays his full taxes over here and doesn't proclaim non dom status so as to enable the siphoning off of profits through a myriad of off-shore financial institutions. See private eyes passim.
    Also never recall Bob expressing an admiration for Hitler and his works and yet many years later pontificating on how men should love their country.