Sunday 21 August 2011

I’m not back at work until late on Tuesday but “Olá” to my Brazilian reader(s). I mentioned that there were rumblings on the RMT side over a TOp who got sacked recently but last week I was told that they have returned to work.

Apparently at their appeal certain documents that were “mislaid” during the original hearing were rediscovered. I don’t have the full details so I won’t speculate on why exactly the TOp has been reinstated but it interesting to note that no one seems to have seen the DTSM who was involved in the incident that led to the sacking or seems to know where they have gone.

On the plus side the Central Line has another TOp back on the road, a rare commodity these days, the travelling public have been spared an unnecessary strike, LUL have saved roughly £100k in legal fees and we appear to have lost a manager that didn’t have the brains to take his foot out of a train door when it closed.

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