Saturday 27 August 2011

I’ve been on late shifts the last four days, nothing much to report other than it’s been raining and that meant trains that supposedly drive themselves stopping before they are fully into the platform and needed someone to get them the rest of the way in. We are still short of staff but Thursday was apparently a good day; only ten duties uncovered at my depot so only four trains cancelled on the line.

LUL’s deadline for a decision on the latest pay offer came and went with only Unite (or Unison, I forget which) saying that they will ballot their members which shouldn’t take long as there aren’t many. ASLEF, RMT and TSSA haven’t answered, probably sunning themselves on a beach somewhere.

A few interesting passenger moments witnessed on the in cab CCTV, firstly the man who was doing to Hokey Cokey at NOA WB. When I announced that the train was going to EAB he got off, then when I advised passengers going to WER to change, he got on. Finally when I repeated the destination before closing the doors he got off again. Maybe if he hadn’t has his mobile glued to his ear he might have been able to hear my announcements.

Then there was the passenger who ignored the advice to take care when platforms are wet at WHC EB, came racing down the stairs just as I was closing the doors, made a last mad dash for the train, realised that he was too late, slammed on the brakes, slipped over and nearly went between the train and the platform. I waited until he was on his feet before pulling out. If you are that desperate to get that train then get there that bit earlier.

And finally I would like to say thank you to the gentleman at CHL EB who on seeing that the car was packed out took his rucksack off his back and held it in his hand rather than trying to squeeze himself into the space with it still on his back. My faith in humanity is restored.

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