Tuesday 30 August 2011

Carnival came and went and on the whole it was rather subdued compared to previous years. We were asked to go Coded WB from QUE to NHG both days during the afternoon due to the sheer density of people getting off but were only asked to do the same EB from HOP for a few hours on Monday night.

I don’t know who worked out the duties for Monday but there were some unusual work patterns; at least two of my colleagues and I finished driving at WHC and then had to “ride the cushions” back to LES while a WHC TOp got off their first train at WHC, had their meal break and then travelled to LES to pick up their second.

From 1871 until 1965 August Bank Holiday was on the first Monday of the month and Scotland, Ireland and several other countries still do this. I have no idea why it was moved but with the way the weather has been towards the end of the August the last few years it might be worth reinstating it to it’s original position.

While we are on the subject of Public Holidays there has been much talk of giving everyone in England the day off for St. George’s Day. When I was growing up no one cared about St. George’s Day, it's only grown in popularity over the last decade or so. I think the reason it wasn't observed in the past was that unlike the Irish, Scots and Welsh we weren’t a Catholic country and/or a conquered people trying to promote their independence from their tyrannical overlords.

I’m against it, we have an overcrowded Spring as it is with Easter, May Day and Whitsun. I propose making November 5th a new public holiday, let’s celebrate the thwarted plot of fanatical religious terrorists to place England under the rule of our enemies. If it wasn’t for those Beefeaters searching the cellars we’d all be speaking Spanish.

And I like fire……..


  1. Is it my eyes, or has your logo had a refresh and acquired a lick or two of light grey paint?
    I remember it being solid black previously (perhaps it's my memory going)?

    Regardless, it's a well done piece of graphical art so kudos to its creator.

  2. The logo is unchanged, I'd consult an optician at your earliest convenience.....