Thursday 1 September 2011

Another day down the Drain but this time with an IOp in tow to monitor my performance. Apparently this should have been done immediately after my little mishap two weeks ago but the manager that interviewed me neglected to pass the information on.

Despite the fact that the two and half shifts after I messed up went without incident procedure has to be followed and so the poor man had to sit there watching me drive the train back and forth between Bank and Waterloo, much like Charon ferrying the souls of the dead across the Styx. Except we’re ferrying bankers and stockbrokers under the Thames and no one ever made the return trip from Hades to Surrey.

ASLEF’s general secretary, Keith Norman, is retiring and yesterday I received my ballot paper for the election of his successor. Strangely all three candidates have surnames starting with W; I hope I can remember which one I voted for when they announce the results.

Meanwhile on the shop floor an RMT rep claims that ASLEF are going to recommend the pay deal proposed by LUL even though they have clearly stated in writing that they have rejected it. This is nothing unusual, ever since I started working here RMT have made up rumours about the other unions so I’ll take this with the usual pinch of salt until I hear otherwise.

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