Sunday 11 September 2011

Friday was uneventful and Saturday I was spare though not for long. Six trains were cancelled for the want of a TOp and I had to cover for someone who’d booked off sick Friday. With the Olympics looming someone should be doing something but as usual there’s a general feeling that our problems are being ignored in the hope that they will sort themselves out.

Between trains I had to grin when I read that TfL thinks that the transport links to and from Greenwich Park will not be able to cope with the 75k spectators expected for the Olympic 3-day eventing. It warns of two hour waits for trains and buses unless LOCOG restrict the crowd to 50k but that would lose a cool £1m. For years the locals have been saying that the roads and rail would be a nightmare if the equestrian events were held in Greenwich but no one took a blind bit of notice.

I’m off until 28th September, if I hear anything that I think is worthwhile commenting on I will pop back but other than that I wish you all happy travelling whatever your destination.

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